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All the members of the Law Firm Abogado Amigo strive to offer a quality service in order to provide effective solutions to the problems of our clients.

Corporate & Commercial

Company Formations, Joint Ventures, Corporate Regulations & Compliance, Mergers and Acquisitions

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Claims of Damages, Performance of Contract Suits, Recovery of Debts, Arbitration and Conciliation

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Real Estate

Infrastructure, taxation, environmental and industrial laws, negotiation and closure large project

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Intellectual Property

Trade Mark, Patent, New Technology Law, Privacy, Ecommerce and Internet Business

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Abogado Amigo Law Firm in Spain

The Commercial Law and new information technologies (ICTS) are one of the essential scopes of action for the Law Firm Abogado Amigo. It is essential a continual and deep training of the lawyers who cooperate to solve each dissension. A solid base in Commercial & Corporate Law makes a lawyer quite capable of achieving efficiently a solution to resolve whatever conflict that might arise between international companies. If you need any expert attorney in Spain do not doubt to ask for a date with us. You will be able to be received at the headquarters of our Hindu partners, in New Delhi, or in our Law Firm offices in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Salamanca, Cartagena, Valladolid.

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Despite the fact that sometimes it is talked about Corporate Law, we must not disjoin the processing as an independent branch of the legal system, but business connotations are involved in the other branches of Law own development. That is why our skilled lawyers in Commercial Law respond to the challenges that international business present in each branch of Law. As manifested by Jesús P. López Pelaz, Director of Abogado Amigo “International business is, at the present time, a partner which is unavoidably linked to Law. Global is the way”.

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It is the challenge of International affaires Lawyers.

In Spain

Offices all around Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Salamanca, Valladolid y Cartagena


Our lawyers are certified in PRINCE 2, COBIT 5, ITIL and know ISO standards.


Corporate & Commercial Law, Intelectual Property Law, Real Estate, Invest & Business, Civil Law, Immigration, Banking Law, Labour and Industrial laws

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Legal Consultation in Spain Get the support of our lawyers in Spain to solve the legal questions you need. And now, available on line. [paiddownloads id=»1″] Legal Advise in Spain The way to get your legal consultation is simple. Select the «Legal Consultation» button that indicates the price. By using […]

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